(Katie Halper) We are joined by Zaid Jilani of The Intercept…


(Katie Halper)

We are joined by Zaid Jilani of The Intercept about the Orlando shooting, Islamophobia, Trump, Clinton, and the connection between ISIS & Taylor Swift.

Quote gem: “any terrorist organization is going to use grievances to recruit people. And those grievances that do have some legitimacy, we do want to pay attention to them because we do want to deprive terrorist organizations of recruits. That doesn’t mean if someone says i’m going to shoot up a gay bar unless you give me a million dollars, then we should give into that. But killing less people is a positive concept. And that is something we should take into consideration and understand.”

(Katie Halper) We talk to Jonathan Clarke an attorney who filed…

(Katie Halper) We talk to Jonathan Clarke, an attorney who filed the law suit against New York Board of Elections over voter purges about what the hell happened, what he hopes to achieve and if it could effect the presidential race. We ask Hillary Clinton to apologize for the remarks of one of her surrogate (we think this may be a recurring segment, unfortunately)and talk about why Jonathan may be the Irish-American Bernie Sanders (my words, not his.) Gabe offers a list of women role models. And finally, Oscar-nominated director Josh Fox (Gasland)talks to us live from outside of the IFC movie theater where his latest film “How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change.“

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