The “Best-Bi” List

On this week’s episode of the Katie Halper Show, we commemorate Bivisibility Day by presenting a “Best-Bi” list of people you probably didn’t know were bisexual. Then we discuss Chris Christie’s typically nuanced response to the Pope: “He’s just wrong.” And we ponder the awkward fact that the GOP considers Rosa Parks a hero but she said on the national board of the very organization the Republicans voted to shut down: Planned Parenthood. Oops! Our guests include Robert Meeropol, who is the song of Ethel and Julius Meeropol, who were the only people ever executed in the United States during peace time. He explains how the government used his mother Ethel to pressure his father to name names and when that didn’t work, the government put them both in the electric chair. Robert makes an exclusive announcement about an event honoring his mother on what would have been on 100th anniversary, which will take place Monday, Sept 28th at 11AM at City Hall. And and tells us about the man who adopted him and his brother, Abel Meeropol, who wrote the lyrics and the music to the anti-lynching anthem Strange Fruit, made famous by Billie Holiday. Bryan Collinsworth explains how we know that Martin Shkreli and Big Pharma are lying when they claim they mark up the prices of medications to pay for research. And Mexican documentary photographer Rodrigo Jardon talks about his work in the Mixtec Highlands, which will be in an exhibit opening Friday, October 25th at Union Docks in Brooklyn!

Ethel Rosenberg’s Birthday

On this week’s episode of “The Katie Halper Show” we discuss the infamous Rosenberg trial on the birthday of Ethel Rosenberg, who was sentenced to death along with her husband, Julius, after being convicted of espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union. Ethel’s brother David Greenglass, whose testimony had condemned her, later stated that he had lied to protect his own wife Ruth, who had been the actual typist of the classified documents he stole, and that he was encouraged by the prosecution to do so.


Why Kim Davis Should Love Lesbians

Episode 11 of The Katie Halper Show is up! Heather Gold talks gay divorce & why Kim Davis should love lesbians. Versha Sharma of NowThis News talks about interviewing Bernie Sanders and making a video about Bobby Jindal. State Senator Gustavo Rivera talks about his dreams for voice-overs & his work around syringe access and charities being able to pay people’s bail so that innocent people don’t please guilty to crimes they haven’t committed just because they can’t afford to pay their bail. Plus Bernie sings This Land is Your Land.